Communication Values


Our ability to communicate is one of the single largest factors that will set us apart from our competitors. With that in mind, below are the five things we want to remember as we communicate with our clients, subcontractors, vendors, suppliers, peers and any other party during the course of our work:

Concentric Circles

We must communicate well as a Team first. Then we bring in the next layer of participants, and it grows from there. A failure at the inner circle will absolutely result in a failure in the outer circles


We want to proactively communicate problems, solutions, opportunities, etc. to those we work with.


We want to initiate the communication early, and we want to constantly keep our associates abreast of what is happening. Additionally, we want to quickly and accurately respond to communication initiated by others.

Communication is conveyed not just with words and speech, but with tone and body language. With that in mind, our preferred method of communicating is in person while a text message is the least preferred method of communicating. However, all methods have their place.


Any important communication expressed verbally should be followed up with written communication. This allows expectations, goals, etc to be fully explained and clearly defined – protecting both parties.